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Saturn fuel filter question?

I wanted to change the fuel filter on my '97 saturn SW, can someone tell me where can I find it and also any quick explanation on how to replace it?Saturn fuel filter question?
under the car, just forward of the driver rear tire.

this is a potentially dangerous operation, have a professional do this for you.

What is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?

On my 1991 Oldsmobile Calais, the Fuel Filter is right on the bottom of the Fuel Tank, I can see it. So, it LOOKS Easy to change. Given this, what would a labor Rate be on it, approximately?

2.5L %26quot;Iron Duke%26quot; Tech4

Thank You

Also, is it best to do this with almost -No- Fuel in the Lines or Tank, as some will surely drip out? Im wondering for when i spy on teh Shop that doe sit, sittign in their waiting area lookign through the window, as i dont know how to do this, and id ave to buy tools....What is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
it is a simple job. You would have to call up various shops %26amp; find out their %26quot;flat rate.%26quot; I would suggest a %26quot;mom %26amp; pop shop.%26quot;

Don't worry about a little dripping fuel. It is inevitable, but it won't be huge puddles or anything.

the only tools you would have to buy would be a set of metric wrenches, %26amp; for that job you could buy the cheap Chinese wrenches. The price of those would probably be cheaper than the labor charge from a shop.

Good luck.What is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
This is a relatively simple change. The fuel filter has metric threaded nuts on each end of

it. Some metric line wrenches is all you need. When the pressure has been released in the

system there will be no forced fuel coming out of the tank so the only drainage will be what is

still in the line and fuel filter. Best to have a shop do this . Figure $ 45.00 for the entire job.

That is, unless it very rusted and changing this becomes more time consuming and complicated.

There is no need to drain the tank, but having less fuel is better if there are complications and

that tank needs to be drained. Whatever you have in there should be fine.

Autozone fuel filter FF3504 ( a picture is worth a thousand words as they say )

Hope this helpsWhat is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
The labor charge shouldn't be over 3 tenths of an hour or 18-20 minutes. At a $60.00/hr rate that would be around $18 to $20.

Joseph, I wouldn't replace the filter just yet. You and Binky need to ride a bit more to be certain the last repair is gonna hold up. No point spending money on other stuff yet (unless the filter has plugged completely).What is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
call three local shops ask best way to know local prices

heres a estimator not sure but might be close

price will vary across townWhat is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
change it your self, youtube will show you how step by step.What is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
For you, I'd do it for $1000.What is an approximate Labor Cost for getting my Fuel Filter changed?
try going to : hope this helps. good luck

How do I increase the life of my car?

I have a 2000 Chevy Malibu LS with 134,300 miles on it.

I recently had a %26quot;tune-up%26quot; which involved changing out the plugs and wires. Does this increase the life of the car? What else can I do to increase the life of my car (besides belt changes, fluid flushes, oil changes, fuel filter and oil filter changes, and other routine maintenance)? I want this car to last until 200,000 or even beyond. The only problems I've had with it have been relatively minor (fuel pump needed changed and turn signals needed to be replaced which was on a recall and I had both done for free; something with the radiator pump or something the other needed to be replaced, which was just a $30 job; and I think that's all that's really gone wrong.)How do I increase the life of my car?
In order to make your car last a long time, you need to make sure you get regular oil changes (including the oil filter). Another thing that helps is keeping it clean. I suggest washing your car at least once every two or three weeks. About every 3 washes, make sure you wax it. Paste wax is the easiest to work with in this application. Make sure you go by the book and have regular mantinence at the scheduled intervals. I would also make sure te tires have the proper amount of pressure in them to keep those last as long as they can. Depending on where you live during the colder winter months, make sure you let your car warm up for at least 5 minutes!! It is very hard on an ice cold engine to run in winter conditions! Other than that, make sure you know how your car runs. Also %26quot;listen%26quot; to your car. That way if something goes wrong, you can hear or feel it on the wheel.How do I increase the life of my car?
The car will last as long as you keep doing the maintenance. At somepoint the cost of the maintenance isn't justified. Why put $1500 in repairs towards a car that isn't worth $1500?

You should know what the value of the car is, then decide if fixing it is a good use of your money.

Most cars get to a point where the high $ repairs start coming in constantly, at that point your more or less making a car payment anyway...

I have 1999 Nissan Maxima with 155K miles on it. It's getting to that point now. Just invested $2K in service + brakes, now it needs fuel injectors for another $1K. The trade-in value is just over $3K, when do I say uncle?How do I increase the life of my car?
depending on the make of the auto some cars will surpass 200,000 miles quite easily.Not knowing the make or model of your car I would say your on the right track all ready with your regular ,routine maintenance program.Changing motor oil is one of the most important and vital things you can do. However you can make a huge difference in the vehicles life expediency,by the way you drive it.I mean if you let it warm up in the morning or at the beginning of your commute,this will make your engine happy.Also after your commute let your engine idle for a few minutes,before shutting it off.This will let the hot engine cool and reduce wear and tear on moving parts and sealing components Heavy or hard acceleration is kind of rough on an engine as well as the transmission.This too should be avoided,as well as hard deceleration or coming to a sudden stop from a high speed. Have you ever heard the phrase yep this vehicle is a real cream puff,all highway miles on her, perhaps during a sale of a vehicle?There is a big difference in highway miles vs stop and go city traffic miles on a vehicle. I would stay away from any oil additives like prolong engine treatment or slick 50 to name a couple.These oil additives are not at all necessary if you take care and use common sense,which you seem to already have.I think your on the right track alright and should be fine.Good Luck Drive Safe

Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?

I have to put fuel into my Carbuerator to get my car just to start. Today my engine light came on and when I took it to get checked out, it was code 452, and was saying something about fuel pressue being low. So what I want to know is, is it the Fuel pump gone bad or the Fuel filter that is clogged or gone bad? I have a 2001 Chevy blazer and I just dont think that the fuel pump will be bad on it since its a newer car. I was told that its possible that my fuel filter is just clogged and needs changing. I already did a fuel injection cleaner but that didnt do anything. How much would it cost to change the fuel filter??? Please dont tell me to take it to the dealer, thanksFuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
Chevrolet fuel pumps are junk, frankly. I work at a Chevy dealership, and we do fuel pumps hand over fist on cars with sometimes as little as 30k. It's hard to say without putting a fuel pressure gauge on the car, but the fuel pump probably is bad. If the fuel pump is bad, you should have the fuel filter replaced at the same time, because it probably hasn't ever been done. When the fuel filter clogs up, it makes the fuel pump work harder, which is just too much to ask for those crappy little pumps, so have the fuel filter changed every 15k or so, to maximize fuel pump life. Labor times for fuel pump replacement are 2.1 hours for a 2 door blazer, 3.0 hours for a 4 door, and if the tank has a shield on it, thats another 0.5 hours. The fuel pump is somewhere in the range of 500 to 550 dollars. Most shops will charge 1.0 hour to diagnose the problem, and the fuel filter pays 0.7 hours to replace, some shops charge less so they can sell more of them. I don't know what labor rates are in your area, dealerships are around 100 dollars an hour around here, independent shops are around 75. I personally would advise against trying to get a cheaper aftermarket fuel pump, as bad as the factory pumps are, the aftermarket ones are even worse, and a total waste of money. Go with factory parts-make an issue of it with your mechanic if you need to.Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
A fuel filter usually costs about $10 from walmart and it is extremely easy to replace. My guess about 15 minutes by any mechanic.

Simple troubleshooting, spend the few dollars and eliminate that possibility.

Fuel pump could be bad, or the fuel pressure regulator. It is vacuum operated, so there might be a possibility that you lost a vacuum hose on or near the regulator. These are all easy things to check and any mechanic would be able to diagnose it. You don't have to go to the dealer.

Good luck.

Edit: Upon further thought, you might have a fuel injector that is stuck open and releasing the fuel pressure after it has set for a little while. Again, this isn't hard to diagnose, a decent mechanic can find this as well.Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
Fuel pressure valveFuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
You have not given enough information to tell you exactly what is wrong, but it is a safe guess that the fuel filter may be at fault. You would need fuel pressure readings to know if it is a fuel pump, it could even be the injector or the computer or the ignition module for that matter.Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
A fuel filter for your vehicle is only a few dollars. When trying to diagnose a problem without alot of special test equipment, or experience... Always replace the least expensive part (filter) first! That way, even if it doesn't fix the problem, you haven't wasted alot of money. If your engine continues to run on it's own after you pour gas in your carb./thottle body, you can assume the pump is working but fuel flow is restricted.Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
I own Chevy檚 and have always, with these computers you are best advised to stay with the dealer part. The fuel filter is located likely as on mine under the vehicle just ahead of the tank mounted on the frame in the wide open. Any one can replace it with an IQ above 40. If you'll go by a dealer take your insurance card with you they can pull up your exact vehicle by the VIN number located on your insurance card. Change the filter and see where you're at. Because one way or the other the filter should be changed and it's very likely the filter because one trip through a cheap gas station with filth in their storage tank can wipe out the filter and besides by time you paid to have it checked you could have just changed it yourself. From there if you still have fuel problems it is the pump which is mounted in the tank and requires the tank to be pulled and drained to service it. If the vehicle is still run able then drive it until the warning light comes on that you are near empty then have the pump replaced. I would locate a good dependable mechanic to do the work and supply the pump yourself purchased as you did the filter. It isn't rocket science to install but one has to be strong enough to handle the tanks weight with what ever amount of fuels in it. If you have some gear head male friends they can do it in a driveway and save you a heap of money. Shops going to charge for disposal of the old fuel and for new fuel to run on as well. Also don't start the car by pouring gas in the throttle body (carb as you call it) because there is a high risk of fire, use starting fluid that comes in a spray can and is available at Wal-Mart or anywhere else that carries the basics. I have had to replace the fuel pump two times on a 1989 pickup with 225,000 miles on it. I also have a 94 Chevy that hasn檛 ever been changed so I don檛 agree that they go out left and right as stated in another answer.Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Filter? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
First off I am scared of where you are placing fuel at!!! You say you have to put it in the carb, yet later you say you have injectors. If your running fuel intot he throttle body, then you are opening yourself up for a problem. All I can say is change the filter first, since it is easier and cheaper. If you still carry the fault then you know it might be the pump. You will have to take it to the dealer to get it changed cause it is most likely inside the gas tank, not fun to change.
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  • In-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?

    Obviously a mechanic would be the smartest and most expensive way to have the in-line fuel filter changed. I'm requesting info from someone who might know how to %26quot;fix it myself%26quot;. (or have a male friend fix it).In-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?
    Depends on whether its a pressurised fuel system or not. If not its most likely just a pair of clips and Bob's your uncle. If its pressurised a bit more know how required to release pressure safely first....In-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?
    yes easily only 2 clips ...fram fuel filter part number G5870

    hope this helpsIn-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?
    probably a $5 item that takes like 3 minutes to change

    if you get tune ups, then change it for then anyway I think

    for the old bugs they were like $1 and very easy to change, two hose clampsIn-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?
    An oil change place such as jiffy lube should be able to do it for you. Changing fuel filters although generally easy to do can have consequences for being done improperly by somebody inexperienced. You will need to let pressure off of the fuel rail before unhooking the filter.

    I would recommend purchasing a service manual for your vehicle from Autozone. Newer vehicles also typically have a special disconnect tool that will be needed to remove the old filter. They run about 7-15 dollars.

    I do not know what vehicles %26quot;Rudedude%26quot; has changed fuel filters on, but I have owned Fords, Chevys, and Suzukis, and have never heard of such prices for tools and fuel filters. I respectfully disagree with his answer. Snap-on tools are also not practical for the average home-mechanic due to their high cost. There are much more practically priced disconnect tools available.

    As for disposal of the fuel filter, wrap it in a plastic grocery bag and put it in the trash can.In-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?
    You can do it yourself but your going to have to buy some tools to do it. The release tool for the fuel lines will run you about 50 bucks ( snap on tools make this tool ) and then there is the time and effort you need to put into doing it .Last is getting rid of the filter safely.For the 75 bucks some place is going the charge you isn't it worth it for someone else to do it ???

    Good luck hope I helped.

    GM tech for 20 yearsIn-line fuel filter v.w.2001 new beetle. Can it be changed without taking it to a mechanic??? Anybody know ?
    yes-the clips on the hoses get pushed in-dont pull out. then it should just be a phillips screw that holds the housing together.

    Changing the fuel filter?

    How do you change the fuel filter in a 2000 hyundai tiburon? I cant get to the bottom nut from under the hood and no way to reach it under the car?Changing the fuel filter?
    Under the hood? Are you sure that's the fuel filter your unhooking? Normally on those vehicles there right near the fuel tank.Changing the fuel filter?
    find a way to get under the car sorry thats the only way without other expensive tools..Changing the fuel filter?
    If access is the problem maybe you can remove some accesories like the air filter housing and the air duct.I'm not sure if it's the same as hyundai lantra or elantra. Being both hyundai I'll make this assumption.( the fuel line is pressurize so the first time you crack it the fuel could squirt in you eyes or face, so make sure you look away or wear an eye protection. it's not really bad you just have to be aware of it.Or the proper way to do it is to disable your fuel pump by disconnecting the electrical wire or the fuse and start your car until it stop.but I don't think it's necessary}.The fuel filter is in vertical position with the inlet on the bottom and outlet on top. To undo the bottom you need two spanner one to hold the filter and the other to undo the nut,.the one that is next to the base of the filter is part of the filter so (that is only to hold it while turning the other) the one that you turn is the bottom nut.Once you loosen it then you can undo them both completely and just remove and replace.Be sure to put the washer properly or it can leak after you install it.I hope this was helpful.

    Fuel Filter on Nissan X Trail?

    Would someone be kind enough to tell me how to remove the cover which is protecting the fuel filter in order that I could change the fuel filter. It is like a black platic cover round the filter. Thanking you for your advice.Fuel Filter on Nissan X Trail?
    There is a black %26quot;Lid%26quot; on the side. You have to pull it on.